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Php filename with spaces

Name: Php filename with spaces

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Space in url encoding are represented with the string "%20" so you may want to use str_replace to replace every instance of the " " character to. php scripts cant locate filenames with spaces - Hi and good morning guys, I have a fresh dedicated server that im currently configuring and.

But the problem is when I try to access a file that has spaces. ex /music/The Eagles - Hotel troubvesrere.host3 my php script can't seem to locate. In this discussion a PHP script was provided that forces downloads to The script accepts file names with spaces if I include the download. I managed to solve the issue by adding this command: $image= str_replace(' ', '% 20', $image);.

I juste replaced all whitespaces with html. I tried using the str_replace function in various places in the script, but not luck, it either continued uploading but did not change the spaces. Sometime ago I got through David a great little PHP script to attach files selected via Alfred to IBM notes emails. I use it a lot and works fine as. line of /lib/ moodle_exception thrown; line of changing the file name in the mdl_file to remove the spaces work as it.

This function returns a string with whitespace stripped from the beginning and end of str. Without the second parameter, trim() will strip these characters. Hi all i am trying to make my upload system remove spaces of uploaded files in a file name of a uploaded file this is my code i have atm?.


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